Instructor-led training is in our DNA.

Training and Support

Instructor-led training is in our DNA. Whether it’s in a classroom, over the internet or at your desk, there are times when nothing but the personal touch of one of our expert training and support personnel will do.

  • Instructor Led Learning

    The classroom dynamic is impossible to duplicate or replace. Working through tasks and problems in a group environment under the guidance of a true expert is still an important piece of a technology training program.

  • Distance Learning

    Distance learning combines the personal touch of a live instructor with the convenience of learning at your desk. Our Distance Learning Specialists are experts in their field, as well as experts in the mechanics of managing remote training.

  • Private Coaching

    Personal, one-on-one coaching can prove to be a perfect fit for a busy executive or shareholder. Private coaching can be delivered live or remotely using the internet.

  • Deskside Support

    The first few days of a technology change can be daunting for users so we recommend providing deskside support to keep the workflow moving. Our deskside support team is the same group of professionals we use to teach our classes. You never know when a support moment is going to turn into a teachable moment.

  • Remote Assistance

    Sometimes you need a second set of eyes to look at a problem. Our remote assistance team can remotely control your computer, while helping you to work through a problem.

  • Technical Training

    It’s important that the internal team receives advanced training on the products they are being asked to design and support. Our technical training courses are designed to expose the underlying architecture of Microsoft Office and challenge attendees to learn how to solve some of the most common problems we encounter in an Office rollout.

  • Train the Trainer

    In a typical rollout, our Encoretech training team is leading the training and support efforts. Before it’s time to transition those responsibilities back to the in house team, we will ensure they are prepared.

  • Training for Support Specialists

    Although the training team is responsible for teaching users how to use new software, it’s the support team that carries the burden of bridging the gap as learners are acquiring new skills. Our Help Desk course focuses on problem solving, and our Word Processing course focuses on advanced techniques in the software.

  • New Hire Training

    Encoretech can augment your existing new hire training program, or help you to develop a completely new program.

  • Long Term Assignment for Continuing Education

    Finding the right trainer for your organization can take a long time. We can provide you with a top-notch training professional to manage your continuing education while you conduct your search.

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