Learning Content

A rich library of content enables users to learn on their own schedule.

Learning Content

A rich library of content enables users to learn on their own schedule, and at the own pace. At Encoretech we believe it’s important to provide users with variety and options. This includes, eLearning, mLearning, Quick Reference Guides, and performance support materials.

  • Classroom Curriculum

    We develop unique training plans and outlines for each audience and functional role within the organization.

  • Student Workbooks & Instructor Guides

    There are scenarios were traditional follow along workbooks make sense. Encoretech has developed workbooks Microsoft Office that are integrated with popular third-party add-ins, like document management systems.

  • Quick Reference Materials

    Quick reference cards and pocket guides allow users to quickly find the information they are after with the minimum amount of effort. We have developed quick reference materials on a variety of topics, including Windows, Office and DeskSite.

  • eLearning

    Our eLearning is developed in Captivate 7. Each lesson is a short, 2 to 5 minute look at a specific topic or task.

  • Learning for Mobile Devices

    Increasingly people want to be able to learn on the go. Our mLearning modules use HTML5 to insure playback across a wide variety of devices, including iOS devices such as the iPad or iPhone.

  • Pocket Guides

    Pocket Guides are custom apps that provide support on popular topics from a user’s mobile device.

  • Custom Content Development

    We have extensive experience in building custom content for off the shelf and proprietary systems.

We know how to create user excitement and gain early adoption to ensure your success.