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Encoretech Training as a Service (TaaS):

Flexible, Subscription-Based Outsourced Training Spanning Strategy Thru Delivery

Technology training programs at law firms are often based on strategies developed more than 20 years ago. Meanwhile, the use of technology by lawyers has exploded, making it difficult for in-house training teams to keep up. Enter Encoretech TaaS, a managed training service that blends a fresh new approach with Encoretech’s proven history of designing successful training programs for busy lawyers.


    Encoretech will work with law firms on strategically redesigning their legal technology training programs including new hire training and onboarding; online and distance learning; staff skill & proficiency development; learning management system (LMS) customizations; training content development; and utilization of new, innovative training delivery methods.


    Encoretech offers law firms a more flexible, scalable and strategy-aligned training solution beginning with a training program audit that assesses existing firm training systems and learning efficiency.


    Encoretech’s subject matter experts and legal training design model experts will work with law firms on re-designing a training program that fits the current needs of its users and modern technology. Ongoing learning opportunities are vital to growing the technology skills of an organization. A careful, deliberate blend of classroom, on-demand and distance learning combined with first class content is the foundation on which to build those skills.


    TaaS is a flexible subscription-based managed service built on short, focused distance learning opportunities delivered by highly skilled instructors, individual deskside coaching and a rich catalog of well-designed, easy to digest on-demand content. Custom TaaS subscription plans include everything from up-front strategy and training audits to instructor-led training, custom learning content, elearning, LMS/Portal setup & development as well as ongoing program management and proficiency feedback.

Our Customers Say It Best!

 “The Encoretech TaaS solution offers the firm unlimited training flexibility and expertise, from custom application training and eLearning content to new hire on-boarding to training strategy”

“The reality is that when it comes to improving work habits it takes a sustained and substantial effort to make a long term difference. We are excited to offer Encoretech TaaS and play a more lasting role in firms’ overall training program.”

“Encoretech has a strategy-first approach to technology training and with their expertise and well developed training design plan, we were able to transition from a typical decentralized classroom training model to a fully managed centralized distance learning program at a fraction of the time it would take most firms.”

2015 ILTA Distinguished Peer Awards

ILTA’s Distinguished Peer Award program recognizes premiership and provides a forum for peer-nominated, peer-judged innovations in technology and leadership in several categories. This was the sixth year of the annual awards program and Encoretech was one of a small selection of technology providers short-listed in the “Innovative Solution Provider” Category for its innovative Training-as-a-Service offering.

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