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Change Enablement

Change enablement services are designed to overcome the natural resistance people have to change. These services include understanding how people in similar situations react to change, and providing proven tools and techniques designed to help them overcome that resistance and ultimately embrace change to be more productive.

  • Organizational Readiness

    Are we ready to do this? The way you answer this question will ultimately determine the success or failure of any initiative. Only by evaluating the organization and the stakeholders’ readiness for change can you answer the question with a resounding yes!

  • Communication Strategy

    A good communication plan is based on four key pieces of information: what do we need to communicate, to whom, when and how. Developing a communications matrix at the beginning of the project will ensure that the team is delivering a consistent message through all phases of the project.

  • Stakeholder Impact Analysis

    One of the most important things to protect in any initiative is the production of work product. In order to do this, it’s important to understand how stakeholders will be impacted by the change and to develop a strategy for managing these impacts and mitigating risk.

  • Marketing and Outreach

    Developing a strong identity and marketing plan for a project helps the workforce understand why the change is necessary, who is making the decisions and how they will be impacted. By combining cutting edge HTML5 based presentations with traditional print media, our design team is able to create an outreach program that engages users at their desk, on their mobile devices or in the common areas, such as lunchrooms.

  • Workforce Involvement & Ownership

    If you want to know what people want out of a new system all you have to do is ask them. Of course culling through the responses and implementing the ones that make sense across the organization requires both experience and persuasion. Involving workforce in the both the design of a new system and the accompanying training program is the best way to ensure participation at all levels of the organization.

  • Remote Project Management

    We assign a dedicated project manager to each of our projects. This person is ultimately responsible for all of the services we are engaged to deliver including understanding the objectives of the client, selecting the team, and managing the budget.

  • Onsite Project Management

    An onsite team leader helps to ensure that the day-to-day tasks associated with the project are running smoothly and on time. In most scenarios the team leader is also actively engaged in delivering services, such as classroom training or deskside support.

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