Our consulting services are focused on teaching clients how to use technology to meet their business objectives.


Our consulting services are focused on advising clients on how to use technology to meet their business objectives. They range across a wide variety of topics, but they do have one thing in common: they are conducted from the perspective of making things better for the end user. Some of our most popular services include:

  • Training Department Audit

    Encoretech offers law firms a more flexible, scalable and strategy-aligned training solution beginning with a training program audit that assesses existing firm training systems and learning efficiency.

  • Document Analysis

    You can learn a lot about the technology skills of an organization by examining the documents they create. A document analysis is a non-intrusive way to conduct a quick skills assessment across an entire organization.

  • Environment Analysis

    Understanding the environment in which users create work products today is a crucial first step to optimizing workflow, selecting add-ins or planning an upgrade.

  • Microsoft Office Design

    If you want people to follow best practices, then you have to design your Office applications to ensure that doing things the right way aligns with doing things the easy way.

  • Third-party Tool Selection

    With the renewed emphasis on a more out-of-the-box installation of Word it’s important to understand what the native applications are capable of—and where there are gaps in functionality that need to be filled with third-party applications.

  • DMS Workspace & Folder Design

    To get the most out of matter centricity, you need to design workspace templates that meet the business needs of different practice groups.

  • Training & Development Program Design

    Ongoing learning opportunities are key to growing the technology skills of an organization. A careful, deliberate blend of classroom, on-demand and distance learning combined with first class content is the foundation on which to build those skills.

  • Workflow Analysis & Best Practices

    Technology skills alone are not enough to meet the growing demands of clients. It’s important that we are optimizing the use of every single worker and producing work product that is consistent, reliable and easy to edit.

  • Secretarial Skill Assessment

    As lawyer to secretary ratios increase you can’t afford to have skill gaps within your support staff. Establishing best practices to measure secretaries against ensures that everyone is contributing.

  • Lawyer Skill’s Inventory

    The technology skills of lawyers are under intense media scrutiny. It’s important to set reasonable expectations for lawyers’ technology proficiency in different practice groups.

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