Encoretech President Jeffrey Roach featured in Legal IT Today, ‘The Verdict’, December 2015


Technology is advancing at an

ever-increasing pace and

efficiency is the new mantra for

law firms. In order to pair the two,

what are the minimum technology

skills required of a lawyer in 2016?

And what will they be in 2026?

We asked three experts for their views on the touchy
subject of lawyers’ technological prowess

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Encoretech at LEGALTECH 2015


Encoretech at LEGALTECH 2015, February 3th-5th in New York City

If you are attending LEGALTECH 2015 in New York City be sure to stop by and meet the Encoretech Team at booth #428! Looking forward to seeing you there!

We are happy to talk to you about your legal technology training and learning needs, whether onsite, remotely or in virtual environments. Current ‘hot and in demand’ offerings include:

  • Encoretech Training-as-a-Service (Taas): Subscription-based, outsourced training spanning needs analysis, strategy and content delivery.
    New employee training and onboarding: We have worked with dozens of law firms on developing a ‘method to the madness’ when it comes to new employee training and systematic and effective onboarding.
  • Legal Technology Audit (LTA) Prep & Planning: As an LTA partner, Encoretech is ideally positioned to help law firms address technology skill gaps and most importantly, establish ongoing learning solutions and methods that will enable affected attorneys and entire firm user populations to retain higher tech skills moving forward.
  • NetDocuments DMS training: NetDocs is taking Legal by storm and firms are converting at a feverish pace. Join a growing list of leading firms that have engaged Encoretech to handle their ND training roll-out.
  • Encoretech on the Legal road: Our President Jeffrey Roach has spent the last 12 months talking with 1000s of legal technology professionals about how to improve their legal training processes and procedures; how to effectively audit your training efforts to avoid the status quo; Office 2013 and Office 365 migration tips and best practices.

LegalTech NY 2015 Free Exhibits “Plus” Pass: Click here (Make sure you select “Plus” Pass and secure your e-ticket before the February 3rd. If not then the entrance fee will be $50) to register for your free Exhibits “Plus” Pass  which includes access to the Exhibit Hall, Keynotes, Plenary Sessions, Super Sessions, and Emerging Technology Sessions.

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Upping the Legal Training Ante

This article authored by Bill Koch originally appeared in the January 2015 issue of ALM’s LJN LegalTech Newsletter.

Womble Carlyle Sandridge & Rice, LLP’s (Womble Carlyle) technology training and online learning programs were in need of an upgrade. The firm’s overall program was originally designed around using local trainers in specific offices to assist with hands-on training and address individual lawyer technology challenges through traditional, classroom-based training methods. Even onboarding of new talent was handled in the traditional way – seat the new hire in a room for days and inundate them with firm applications, policies and procedures. But, unprecedented firm growth, heightened emphasis on developing lawyers’ core technology competencies, and a need to streamline and automate existing eLearning processes led the firm to initiate a fundamental shift. As part of this core change, our firm outsourced its entire technology training delivery and reorganized around on-demand learning, distance learning and virtual coaching. Led by Lori Patton, the firm’s Chief Learning Officer and me, Director of Technology Services, we pursued a new strategy … partnering with technology training and learning specialist Encoretech to develop and deliver the firm’s new live distance training and coaching program.

Time to challenge the status quo     

With over 500 lawyers across 14 offices, our firm’s trainers were challenged to cohesively support all staff, locally and remotely. Having physical trainers in certain locations favored those offices and local employee training needs, while hands-on training in non-trainer staffed offices was a bit more challenging, inefficient and often cost prohibitive. In addition to resource challenges, we realized that while the old training model of sending attorneys to training classes to ‘learn Word or Excel’ may work during a major rollout, it did not accommodate their busy schedules nor mirror the way users retain knowledge and learn new skills. Read more


Encoretech Partners with Suffolk/Flaherty Technology Audit to Help Accelerate Test Adoption and Lawyer Tech Proficiency


Encoretech to leverage tech training and learning program expertise to maximize LTA effectiveness

Atlanta, GA – November 12, 2014 – Encoretech, a premiere learning & development organization delivering technology training and migration solutions to the legal and corporate communities, today announced a partnership with the Suffolk/Flaherty Legal Technology Audit (LTA) and its founder Casey Flaherty. As a LTA strategic training partner, Encoretech will provide training consulting services including content development, skills assessment and LTA-readiness to help firms prepare for the LTA.

The LTA assesses how well firm attorneys, paralegals and support staff use basic law practice technology, such as word processing and spreadsheets, to complete commonly encountered legal tasks. The LTA has been available to registered law firm test takers since this September. Clients are able to utilize the LTA internally and request scores of their outside firm attorneys, paralegals and support.

“Our mission is for attorneys, paralegals and support staff to be technologically proficient. That requires getting them to finally take training seriously. The LTA is not intended to embarrass anyone but, rather, to raise the bar of base tech proficiency,” stated Casey Flaherty. “We are aware of Encoretech’s reputation in the legal technology training and learning space and are very excited to welcome them as an LTA partner. Their keen understanding of how to best work with legal professionals when it comes to tech training will undoubtedly contribute to mutual long term success.” Read more


Move The Needle with Jeffrey and Bill at ILTA

Thursday, August 21st

Title:    Encoretech Training As a Service (TaaS): Legal Technology Edition

Speakers:  Jeffrey Roach – Encoretech, Inc.      Bill Koch – Womble Carlyle Sandridge & Rice, LLP

Time:   3:30 p.m.

Place: Bayou C

Technology proficiencies (or the lack thereof) among professionals within legal continue to make national headlines. Thanks to a few outspoken GCs, clients are questioning the “value” of legal services more than ever. The primary issue isn’t a lack of training or an inability for busy lawyers to learn new software, it’s how the training is being delivered. Enter training as a service (TaaS), the delivery of comprehensive legal technology training in a centralized and scalable manner. And why not outsource all your firm’s training needs to those who are solely focused on legal technology training (core competencies)? See why the TaaS model is a better way to help attorneys get the training they need, when they need it and in the time they have to learn it. Leave with a succinct guide to getting started with TaaS.

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Encoretech Introduces Technology Training Program Audits as Core Training-as-a-Service Offering

Training-as-a-Service (TaaS) audits focused on re-assessing and strengthening firm technology training programs and training delivery

Atlanta, GA – August 5, 2014 – Encoretech, a premiere learning & development organization delivering technology training and migration solutions to the legal and corporate communities, today introduced the Technology Training Program Audit, a Training-as-a-Service (TaaS) offering that helps law firms develop and align training objectives to their business objectives and strategic imperatives. The audits will help legal IT and legal training leaders really know what’s working, what can be improved and how, and to what extent technology training goals and application use and overall adoption are in alignment.


Over the last few years, Encoretech’s clients have increasingly requested assistance in re-configuring and designing their in-house training programs. Encoretech’s technology training program audit is a result of this demand and reflects the challenge faced by law firms everywhere to align their technology training program with their users’ needs and modern technology requirements.


The purpose of the audit is to establish a benchmark of where the firm’s technology training program is today, its learning objectives, needs, and performance gaps impacting program effectiveness. Among many specifics, the audit process will uncover how the heightened level of scrutiny from clients regarding basic technology skills such as managing document creation and storage as well as email has a direct impact on anyone who is creating content.


“I think a lot of us feel like there is a productivity gap among the various audiences at the firm, especially the lawyers,” remarked Jeffrey Roach, President and Partner, Encoretech. “And, that’s really frustrating because we have spent the last 20 years trying to teach people how to use technology. That’s one of the things I love about the audit. It gives us a chance to step back and rethink what we are doing. The truth is a lot of technology training programs in use at law firms today are still using training systems and practices last re-designed in the early years of the WordPerfect to Word conversion. With the current focus on re-training attorneys and other firm users based on existing workflows and how they can practically consume technology training, the time to audit and re-asses firm existing training ‘best practices’ is now.”


Encoretech now offers law firms a more flexible, scalable and strategy-aligned outsourced training solution beginning with the technology training program audit that assesses existing firm training systems and learning efficiency. The program, which typically takes 30-90 days, includes the following core components:


  • Training department analysis: Which training systems are in place? Are they working and aligned with how firm attorneys and other users need to consume training? How does the lack of technology training skills impact the ability to deliver documents in a timely and secure manner?
  • Training needs and GAP analysis: The audit will identify key business drivers and align the technology training objectives. How can I ‘reboot’ my training program to align my current program with what business needs to be delivered in the future?
  • Performance analysis: Is overall training department performance keeping up with user and client demands? Are training program delivery, style and availability aligned with positive results?
  • Skills and learner review: Assessing basic skills and benchmarking proficiency requirements provide a starting point for achieving efficiency and productivity gains. Do legal professionals understand the types of skills clients expect them to have?

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Webinar: 90 Days to a Brand New Program [aka retooling your training program with a training audit]

Webinar Date and Time: Wednesday, July 16th, 11am CST
90 Days to a Brand New Program [aka retooling your training program with a training audit]
Presented by: Jeffrey Roach – Encoretech

How is your training program working at your firm? Is it the same ‘ol thing you have been doing for years? Is it time for a re-design? Join us to focus on how to improve your current state of training at your firm and learn what firms are doing to get a fresh start and reboot training systems that haven’t changed in 20+ years. Encoretech President and 25+ year legal industry veteran will walk attendees through the training program audit process including training and learning analysis as well as skills and learner review.

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Encoretech at ILTA 2014

Encoretech at ILTA 2014, August 17 – 21 in Nashville. If you are attending ILTA 2014 be sure to stop by and meet the Encoretech Team at booth 536! Don’t forget to mark your calendar for the sessions that our very own, Jeffrey Roach will be presenting. Looking forward to seeing you there!

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Encoretech Expands Legal Technology Training; Adds Training-as-a-Service

New training-as-a-service (TaaS) focused on legal training strategies and expansive, yet flexible training service delivery

Atlanta, GA – June 23, 2014 – Encoretech, a premiere learning & development organization delivering technology training and migration solutions to the legal and corporate communities, today introduced the Encoretech Training-as-a-Service (TaaS) offering. As part of the new solution, Encoretech will work with law firms on ways to strategically redesign their legal technology training programs including new hire training and onboarding; online and distance learning; staff skill & proficiency development; learning management system (LMS) customizations; training content development; and utilization of new, innovative training delivery methods.


Legal professionals are increasingly faced with the daunting task of mastering new technologies at break-neck speeds without the appropriate learning systems and training resources to help them along the way. Encoretech’s TaaS is a managed training service offering focused on blending training strategy and a ‘best practice’ approach to law firm training design with a variety of proven delivery methods including online and distance learning, lawyer skills development and classroom training. Read more