Check out our walk through of using
LearningSite on mobile devices.
The new UniversitySite enables your firm to learn on the go!
SPECIAL: Get UniversitySite loaded with our Office 2013 eLearning!

Check out our walk through of using LearningSite on mobile devices!

We’ve been talking about the importance of taking a mobile first approach to designing eLearning for years. That’s why all of our content for Office 2013  has been optimized for playback on mobile devices. The problem has always been how to get the content into the hands of users?

With the latest release of UniversitySite, which features a brand new user experience called LearningSite, that problem has finally been solved.

We are so excited about this new opportunity to engage learners that we’ve created a quick walk through on how the LearningSite experience scales to an iPhone. Spoiler alert: it looks fantastic!

Need eLearning Content for your new LMS?

Our Office 2013 eLearning is the perfect addition to UniversitySite and is playable on desktops and mobile devices.

Fresh New Design

For our Office 2013 eLearning lessons we simplified the design so that learners can focus on the content. We’ve also dramatically increased the size of the lesson to make it easier to follow what’s happening on the screen.

Elegant and Engaging

Color-coded overlays are used in conjunction with recorded narrative to provide instruction, as well as allow users to test their skills. The overall effect is simple, elegant and engaging. We think you are going to love it.

Device Independent

Increasingly people want to be able to learn on the go.  Our Office 2013 eLearning is built in HTML5 making it playable on desktops and mobile devices like your attorney’s iPad and iPhone.

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About UniversitySite and Encoretech eLearning:

  • UniversitySite

    UniversitySite is a set of apps that work together to streamline training for onboarding new employees, software rollouts, prescriptive training, continuing education, compliance, and professional development.

  • Our eLearning is built with the industry standard

    Our eLearning is developed in Captivate 7 and compatible with UniversitySite on both desktops and mobile devices.

  • Need more eLearning for your LMS?

    We have extensive experience building custom content for off the shelf and proprietary systems.

  • New Hire Training?

    We can augment your existing new hire training program with custom eLearning, or help you to develop a completely new program.

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