Encoretech Partners with Suffolk/Flaherty Technology Audit

The Suffolk/Flaherty Technology Audit (LTA) identifies critical technology proficiency gaps among attorneys, paralegals and support staff including the use of basic law practice technology, such as word processing and spreadsheets, to complete commonly encountered legal tasks. The LTA has been available to registered law firm test takers since this September. Firm clients are able to utilize the LTA internally and request scores of their outside firm attorneys, paralegals and support.

As an LTA partner, Encoretech is ideally positioned to help law firms address these technology skill gaps and most importantly, establish ongoing learning solutions and methods that will enable affected attorneys and entire firm user populations to retain higher tech skills moving forward.

Encoretech’s custom LTA services include:

  • Preparation

    As an official LTA training partner, Encoretech will help prepare firm users for LTA testing by focusing on specific proficiency gaps as well as broader technology training deficits

  • Targeted tech training and learning

    Encoretech will provide firm users and LTA ‘students’ with training refreshers, delivered on-demand and tailored to how they work and are able to consume training based on their busy schedules

  • LTA-focused training program re-design

    Encoretech will work with firms on setting up a legal technology training and learning environment that best positions clients to not only be aware of LTA standards but also be able to adhere and surpass them

  • LTA benchmarking

    Encoretech will work with law firm leaders on designing a legal technology training and skills program based on LTA content and broader learning objectives

  • LTA communication, marketing and promotion

    The information and results provided by the LTA can be used in many ways, including marketing to clients concerned with the efficient delivery of legal services. Firms may also want to use the results as part of annual reviews or as a way to incentivize technological efficiency and lower costs. Encoretech will work with clients on developing communication strategies to best promote and position LTA results as well as recommending techniques to keep the audit information relevant.

Press Release: Encoretech
Partners with Suffolk/Flaherty
Technology Audit

“We are aware of Encoretech’s reputation in the legal technology training and learning space and are very excited to welcome them as an LTA partner. Their keen understanding of how to best work with legal professionals when it comes to tech training will undoubtedly contribute to mutual long term success.”


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