Word 2013: Better by Design … Part Two of an Ongoing Series

This article authored by Jeffrey Roach originally appeared in the November 2014 issue of ALM’s LJN LegalTech Newsletter.

Judging by the default setup of Word 2013, it seems that the good folks at Microsoft have never heard the old adage that you only have one chance to make a good first impression. My initial reaction to Word 2013 with its ALL CAPS TABS and glaring white theme was too long for the good ol’ days of Word 2010. This proves another well known adage in technology training: “no matter how much someone complains about something being broken, they will complain even louder when you try to fix it.” Read more

LEGAL MANAGEMENT [Volume 33, ISSUE 10]: Technology No Longer a ‘Nice to Learn’ for Attorneys


For legal professionals it’s a necessity to keep business intact

In May the International Legal  Technology Association (ILTA) provided a snapshot of technology’s centrality to the future of the legal profession in a report titled, “Legal Technology Future Horizons.”  The ILTA report shared the following survey results based on  answers from about 500 lawyers and other legal sector professionals: 73 percent agree or strongly agree that IT-enabled innovation will be a critical differentiator for  law  firms;  77 percent agree that technology firms  will continue to disrupt the legal… [Read the full article]

Word 2013: Better by Design

This article authored by Jeffrey Roach originally appeared in the September 2014 issue of ALM’s LJN LegalTech Newsletter.

Hey, wanna know the one rule for a flat stomach? How about the secret $5 wrinkle buster? [Spoiler] There is no one rule or $5 secret. But it must be part of the human condition to seek out quick solutions to thorny problems, because we keep clicking these ads. This trickles into my little corner of world through a seemingly harmless question: Should I turn that off? “That” could be anything from Keep track of formatting to Prompt to update style. People will run up to me at a conference or after a speech and ask me crazy things like whether they should turn off Set left- and first –indent with tabs and backspaces. Although the details of the question change, my answer is always the same. I don’t know, should you? Read more

Move The Needle with Jeffrey and Bill at ILTA

Thursday, August 21st

Title:    Encoretech Training As a Service (TaaS): Legal Technology Edition

Speakers:  Jeffrey Roach – Encoretech, Inc.      Bill Koch – Womble Carlyle Sandridge & Rice, LLP

Time:   3:30 p.m.

Place: Bayou C

Technology proficiencies (or the lack thereof) among professionals within legal continue to make national headlines. Thanks to a few outspoken GCs, clients are questioning the “value” of legal services more than ever. The primary issue isn’t a lack of training or an inability for busy lawyers to learn new software, it’s how the training is being delivered. Enter training as a service (TaaS), the delivery of comprehensive legal technology training in a centralized and scalable manner. And why not outsource all your firm’s training needs to those who are solely focused on legal technology training (core competencies)? See why the TaaS model is a better way to help attorneys get the training they need, when they need it and in the time they have to learn it. Leave with a succinct guide to getting started with TaaS.

Hashtag #SPOT23

Legal Technology Training Reset: A Clear Path Forward

Presented by Jeffrey Roach industry expert on technology training and training program redesigns.

When you tinker with your technology training strategy, someone is bound to trot out the old adage, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” Here’s the thing: It is broke! Many law firms are still using training systems and practices last redesigned over 20 years ago.

While these reliable, if antiquated, programs may help to maintain the status quo, they aren’t going to significantly move the needle. They don’t address modern law firm technologies or the increased need for legal professionals to effectively utilize technology to meet client demands.

It’s time we take a step back, re-asses law firm technology training and audit our existing training practices. What’s working, what isn’t — and why? Who is the training designed for? Are training goals and application use/adoption in alignment?

We will cover the ins-and-outs of the training audit, including training department analysis, performance analysis, skills and learner review, client audit preparation, training needs, GAP analysis and recommendations for next steps. Come prepared to rethink things, and leave with a tangible action plan for resetting and accelerating your firm’s technology training.

Jeffrey Roach is the President and co-owner of Encoretech, where he focuses on better equipping people with technology knowledge and know-how. With 25 years of experience working with companies to design and deliver their adult learning strategies, he has been helping ILTA members design legal technology training programs for the last 20 years. Jeffrey has worked with hundreds of the top law firms, legal departments and training departments in the country, prioritizing their training goals and objectives, and showing them how to deliver outstanding, engaging learning experiences. Contact him at [email protected].

Mark your calendar for one of the following 2014 ILTA Roadshow Presentations (2015 dates coming soon):

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San Francisco – with Sacramento Remote

Los Angeles – with San Diego Remote


Check back often, 2015 Roadshow dates coming soon!


Encoretech Introduces Technology Training Program Audits as Core Training-as-a-Service Offering

Training-as-a-Service (TaaS) audits focused on re-assessing and strengthening firm technology training programs and training delivery

Atlanta, GA – August 5, 2014 – Encoretech, a premiere learning & development organization delivering technology training and migration solutions to the legal and corporate communities, today introduced the Technology Training Program Audit, a Training-as-a-Service (TaaS) offering that helps law firms develop and align training objectives to their business objectives and strategic imperatives. The audits will help legal IT and legal training leaders really know what’s working, what can be improved and how, and to what extent technology training goals and application use and overall adoption are in alignment.


Over the last few years, Encoretech’s clients have increasingly requested assistance in re-configuring and designing their in-house training programs. Encoretech’s technology training program audit is a result of this demand and reflects the challenge faced by law firms everywhere to align their technology training program with their users’ needs and modern technology requirements.


The purpose of the audit is to establish a benchmark of where the firm’s technology training program is today, its learning objectives, needs, and performance gaps impacting program effectiveness. Among many specifics, the audit process will uncover how the heightened level of scrutiny from clients regarding basic technology skills such as managing document creation and storage as well as email has a direct impact on anyone who is creating content.


“I think a lot of us feel like there is a productivity gap among the various audiences at the firm, especially the lawyers,” remarked Jeffrey Roach, President and Partner, Encoretech. “And, that’s really frustrating because we have spent the last 20 years trying to teach people how to use technology. That’s one of the things I love about the audit. It gives us a chance to step back and rethink what we are doing. The truth is a lot of technology training programs in use at law firms today are still using training systems and practices last re-designed in the early years of the WordPerfect to Word conversion. With the current focus on re-training attorneys and other firm users based on existing workflows and how they can practically consume technology training, the time to audit and re-asses firm existing training ‘best practices’ is now.”


Encoretech now offers law firms a more flexible, scalable and strategy-aligned outsourced training solution beginning with the technology training program audit that assesses existing firm training systems and learning efficiency. The program, which typically takes 30-90 days, includes the following core components:


  • Training department analysis: Which training systems are in place? Are they working and aligned with how firm attorneys and other users need to consume training? How does the lack of technology training skills impact the ability to deliver documents in a timely and secure manner?
  • Training needs and GAP analysis: The audit will identify key business drivers and align the technology training objectives. How can I ‘reboot’ my training program to align my current program with what business needs to be delivered in the future?
  • Performance analysis: Is overall training department performance keeping up with user and client demands? Are training program delivery, style and availability aligned with positive results?
  • Skills and learner review: Assessing basic skills and benchmarking proficiency requirements provide a starting point for achieving efficiency and productivity gains. Do legal professionals understand the types of skills clients expect them to have?

Read more

Webinar: 90 Days to a Brand New Program [aka retooling your training program with a training audit]

Webinar Date and Time: Wednesday, July 16th, 11am CST
90 Days to a Brand New Program [aka retooling your training program with a training audit]
Presented by: Jeffrey Roach – Encoretech

How is your training program working at your firm? Is it the same ‘ol thing you have been doing for years? Is it time for a re-design? Join us to focus on how to improve your current state of training at your firm and learn what firms are doing to get a fresh start and reboot training systems that haven’t changed in 20+ years. Encoretech President and 25+ year legal industry veteran will walk attendees through the training program audit process including training and learning analysis as well as skills and learner review.

Click here to learn more about TaaS and how to get started with a Training Department Audit

Click here to view the archived webinar

Click here for presentation deck


Encoretech at ILTA 2014

Encoretech at ILTA 2014, August 17 – 21 in Nashville. If you are attending ILTA 2014 be sure to stop by and meet the Encoretech Team at booth 536! Don’t forget to mark your calendar for the sessions that our very own, Jeffrey Roach will be presenting. Looking forward to seeing you there!

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Encoretech Expands Legal Technology Training; Adds Training-as-a-Service

New training-as-a-service (TaaS) focused on legal training strategies and expansive, yet flexible training service delivery

Atlanta, GA – June 23, 2014 – Encoretech, a premiere learning & development organization delivering technology training and migration solutions to the legal and corporate communities, today introduced the Encoretech Training-as-a-Service (TaaS) offering. As part of the new solution, Encoretech will work with law firms on ways to strategically redesign their legal technology training programs including new hire training and onboarding; online and distance learning; staff skill & proficiency development; learning management system (LMS) customizations; training content development; and utilization of new, innovative training delivery methods.


Legal professionals are increasingly faced with the daunting task of mastering new technologies at break-neck speeds without the appropriate learning systems and training resources to help them along the way. Encoretech’s TaaS is a managed training service offering focused on blending training strategy and a ‘best practice’ approach to law firm training design with a variety of proven delivery methods including online and distance learning, lawyer skills development and classroom training. Read more

Reinventing traditional law firm training: Ari Kaplan interviews Encoretech President Jeffrey Roach for his popular Reinventing Professionals blog

Last week, Encoretech’s President Jeffrey Roach sat down with Ari Kaplan, author, blogger, speaker and software entrepreneur, to discuss Encoretech’s new approach to the old legal technology training model and how the training veteran is helping technology-challenged lawyers close the base technology proficiency gap. Please click here to listen to the full 6 minute podcast or read the ‘Q&A’-style summary below.

Q: Tell us about Encoretech and its mission.

A: Encoretech is a well established training partner to many law firms. Jeffrey has 25 years of experience helping lawyers use technology. He lives for that moment ‘when the lights come on’ and legal professionals clearly see how they can utilize technology to get their jobs done better. Beyond supporting firms’ technology training needs during ‘major migration moments’, Jeffrey and his team are on a new mission to find more durable, long lasting client relationships whereby, via a managed services approach, they can deliver training and learning support services for the lifespan of the firm. Read more

LearningSite Enables Learning on the Go

We’ve been talking about the importance of taking a mobile first approach to designing eLearning for years. That’s why all of our content for Office 2013  has been optimized for playback on mobile devices. The problem has always been how to get the content into the hands of users? With the latest release of UniversitySite, which features a brand new user experience called LearningSite, that problem has finally been solved. We are so excited about this new opportunity to engage learners that we’ve created a quick walkthrough on how the LearningSite experience scales to an iPhone. Spoiler alert: it looks fantastic!



Planning for an Office 2013 Upgrade?


We are now on our third iteration of Microsoft Office to feature the Office Fluent User Interface. At this point, you may be thinking that there’s nothing left to learn. Think again.

For the first time ever Microsoft is releasing two different versions of the Office system. You can purchase Office 2013 as part of a traditional enterprise license, or you can rent Office365 on a month-to-month subscription. Which version should you deploy? The answer is complicated. Each version has distinct pros and cons, and to make matters worse, certain functionality is only available if you opt for the new subscription based model. Are the additional features worth switching from the familiar license we’ve had for years?

Read more

Early Adopters Get An “Edge” Over Technology ILTA Roadshow


Mark your calendar for live presentations by our very own Jeffrey Roach. Looking forward to see you at this ILTA Roadshow!

Jeffrey Roach has spent the past 25 years working with companies to design and deliver their adult learning strategies. Working with the top law firms and training departments in the country, he has shown them how to deliver outstanding, engaging learning experiences. Jeffrey is the President and co-owner of Encoretech. Encoretech provides products and services that help people be more productive in the software they use to run their business. Jeffrey holds a B.A. from Depaul University and an M.A. from New York University. Jeffrey lives in Decatur, Georgia with his partner and son.

Event: Postcards from the Edge: Early Adopters of Office 2013 and Office 365

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The Windows XPiration Virtual Office Party – ILTA Webinar

If you missed the ILTA Webinar  “The Windows XPiration Virtual Office Party” it’s recorded!  Sherry Kappel and Jeffrey Roach honor Windows XP and Office 2003 as they enter their well-earned retirement!

To view the recording of this webinar, please click HERE

The Windows XPiration Virtual Office Party – PDF

Sponsored By: Litera and Encoretech

Break out the black balloons, bake a cake and raise your glass — it’s time to honor Windows XP and Office 2003 as they enter their well-earned retirement! It?s been 12 years since Windows XP and Office became the mighty workhorses that propelled our careers and industry forward. The combination killed DOS and all other pretenders to the throne; there were no other challengers. Now it’s time to say goodbye.

So, what next? During this session, we’ll ask and answer some pressing questions. While Windows 7 and Office 2010 have proven worthy successors, will they go the same distance? Are Windows 8, Windows 9 and Office 365 and 2013 enough to help Microsoft get its mojo back? Can this combination cast aside myriad emerging challengers? And, of key importance, how will legal manage the platform shift that lies ahead? Read more

ILTA Webinar: Office 2013 Under the Microscope – PowerPoint



It’s not always easy being a PowerPoint fanboy. It seems everywhere you look there’s someone complaining about PowerPoint. In reality, it is an incredibly useful and powerful tool that can be used to create dazzling presentations, pithy marketing promos and compelling infographics.

The big improvements with PowerPoint 2013 have less to do with features and more to do with availability, though there are some cool new toys to play with. You can now use PowerPoint on the Web via PowerPoint Online and on your iPad, using the just released iOS app. In this webinar, we’ll run down the new features of PowerPoint 2013 and compare and contrast the experience of creating and playing presentations on your desktop, the Web and the iPad. It is time to stand up and be counted, fanboys and girls! Join us in celebrating what’s possible with PowerPoint 2013.


12:00 p.m. – 1:00 p.m.

Your Office

Start Time by Time Zone:
4:00 pm GMT
12:00 pm EDT
11:00 am CDT
10:00 am MDT
9:00 am PDT

Jeffrey Roach is the President and co-owner of Encoretech, Jeffrey has spent the past 25 years working with companies to design and deliver their adult learning strategies. Working with the top law firms and training departments in the country, he has shown them how to deliver outstanding, engaging learning experiences. Contact Jeffrey at [email protected].